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What is Safety Padlock? What is Lockout Hasp?

What is Safety Padlock? What is Lockout Hasp?

Nov 9,2022

What is Safety Padlock? 

Safety Padlocks are an essential part of a company’s Lockout Tagout system. We have the widest range of Padlocks to suit the requirements of a safe system of work and safe isolation. Our safety padlocks are available in a variety of materials, such as Brass, Nylon, Aluminium and Stainless Steel, alongside a variety of colours and keying options. We ensure that our stock holding allows us to quickly satisfy your safety requirements and handle your bespoke needs for engraving or painting. In addition to Safety Padlocks, and our range of Padlock accessories, we also have a range of Lockout Stations,Key Cabinets and Group Lockout Boxes to help with complex isolations and keeping the lockout equipment close to point of use.

What is Lockout Hasp?

Lockout Hasps are a vital for multi-person lockout, allowing an energy source to be isolated by more than one worker. Ensuring the energy source can not be operated on until each worker unlocks their padlock from the hasp. Lockout Hasps are an integral part of a successful lockout program, the energy source needs to be switched off and LOCKED OUT with a hasp and padlock, tag it TAGOUT ensuring the tag is complete with name and a date your engineers will be safe to continue their work. At Reece Safety we hold a variety of hasps in different materials, with multiple shackle sizes.

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